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What is Science Olympiad?


The goal of Science Olympiad is to improve the quality of science education through competitions similar to sporting events.  Just as students are motivated to compete in various sporting activities, students compete as a team against other schools in 23 different events that range the spectrum of science subjects.  What's more, our events are inquiry based and have been designed to correlate with the National Science Education Standards and the Sunshine State Standards.  We are the only science competition listed in the national standards as an exemplary implementation of inquiry and assessment. More info...

How to get your students involved


Teams compete in 23 different science events and these events are spelled out in a rules manual that we publish every year. First, register a team with Florida Science Olympiad. We will send the rules manual that contains instructions on how to prepare for the events. Form a team with up to 15 students and then go at it! Generally, each student will do 3-4 events during the competition, preparing for the competition in advance. More Info...



STATE TOURNAMENT DATE: UCF will host the state tournament on March 15, 2014.

News and Information

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Highlights from the 2012 National Tournament hosted by Florida Science Olympiad and the
University of Central Florida
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