Regional Information and Locations



Regionals will take place in January and February of each year and will be hosted at various locations across the state.  For a full map of the regional-county assignments, click the map on the right.  See below for directions to prepare for the regional competition.

Information on this page includes the rules for team progression from regional to state, locations of the regionals, and details about each regional, including schedules, events, and forms.

If you are interested in becoming a regional director for the Florida Science Olympiad, contact Mike McKee.

How Teams Progress from Regionals to State

Selection and Progression of schools from Regionals to State Competition:

  1. If there are fewer than 42 registered teams per division across the state, all teams that compete in a regional competition will be invited to the state competition.  If there are more than 54 teams per division across the state, the regionals will act as a qualifier for the state and only the top teams will be invited, up to a total of 42 teams, from across the state, in each division.

  2. All teams that are in counties without a prescribed regional will automatically go to the state competition. (Starting in 2011, this rule no longer applies) For those who are in a prescribed regional competition and if there are more than 42 teams per division:

  3. The top three teams from each division will automatically be invited to state.  There is no limit on the number of teams from a school that may progress to the state competition.  The remaining slots will be assigned based on the percentage of the total state membership per division that the regional has and the number of slots still available after teams from counties without regionals have been assigned a slot at the state.  The additional slots will be filled based on competition ranking.  For example, if a region is given 4 slots, then places 1-4 will compete at the state competition.

  4. There will be a Wild Card position available in each region.  It is suggested that whichever team wins the spirit award be allowed to progress to the state competition.  The regional director must submit rationale for the selection of the Wild Card team.  The wild card can be used by the regional director for one of their host site teams at their discretion.  This will be communicated to the teams prior to the competition.

  5. The remaining teams will be invited based on distribution of teams across the state.  Each region will receive additional slots based on their relative membership.  If a region has more slots than teams that showed, the remaining slots will be placed into a pool for distribution to other regions in the state based on percentage membership and this will be conducted by the state director.

  6. State must be notified by 2 weeks after the end of the final regional of each year with the final list of attending schools, otherwise, the slots will be distributed to other regions, based on the discretion of the state director.

  7. If there is a rounding issue as a result of calculations that results in a left over slot, the state director will assign this to a team at his discretion.

    1. Example: 100 teams register in Division B.  There are 5 regions in the state.  The number of teams that go to each region are as follows:  Regional A has 30 teams, Regional B has 20 teams, Region C has 15 teams, Region D has 5 teams, and Region E has 30 teams.  Three teams from each region automatically progress to the state plus the Wild Card progress to the state for each region.  The following shows the distribution of how the teams will be invited.

  Teams Number Automatically Invited Percentage of remaining slots assigned Total Invited to State
Regional A 30 4 30% x 22 = 7 11
Regional B 20 4 20% x 22 = 4 8
Regional C 15 4 15% x 22 = 3 7
Regional D 5 4 5% x 22 = 1 5
Regional E 30 4 30% x 22 = 7 11
Available Teams 100 20 22  42
State Director        
Total Teams       42


2017 Allocations for Team Progression to State

Allocations B C
LNHS 9 7
ERAU 6 5
UWF 5 5
FAU 8 8
FSW 2 5
FGC 5 5
HCC 7 7
Total 42 42


Note that this is for planning purposes. Teams will receive an official invitation after all regionals have been completed.

Directions for All Teams


After you register your team with the State Science Olympiad, paying your team membership fee, you will receive a copy of the rules manual which describes the rules for the 23 events in the competition. You will receive a STATE team block number. The regional director will send you a separate REGIONAL team number that you will use to prepare your team and schedule the students for each competition.  The regional director will contact you about the details of preparation for the regional tournament. 

To compete you will need the following forms.  Bring these with you on the day of the competition, with all signatures completed.REQUIRED FORMS to be turned in at Registration:

Locate Your Regional Competition Site


Florida Science Olympiad has an open Regional Policy. You are assigned to a region based on the county in which your school is located.  If you can not attend the regional competition in which you are assigned, please indicate which regional you would like to attend in the registration form.  If approved, the regional director will notify you.  No changes can be made after December 31.  Once approved and accepted by the team coach, no further changes can be made.  Note that ALL teams from a school must go to the same regional.


Southeast Regional at Florida Atlantic, Boca Raton



Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL  33431
Regional Director:  Dr. Ingrid Johanson
Date: Feb. 18, 2016

Coach's Seminar Date:

Register for Seminar



Southwest Regional at Florida Southwestern State College, Fort Meyers

REQUIRED FORMS to be turned in at Registration: Updated for 2017 (COACHES:  Download and Bring These Forms To Registration)

Other Preparation Handouts

Florida Southwestern State College

8099 College Pkwy

Fort Myers, FL 33919

Regional Director:  Mike McKee
Date: January 21, 2017


Schedules: Div. B | Div C

Campus Map

Download Required forms


The following events will be run at this regional. Each team should provide 2 volunteers to help run an event. Please indicate if you would like to be the Event Supervisor or Assistant. The event supervisor is responsible for all aspects of the event, including obtaining supplies, writing the test or lab, and conducting the event. FSO does not automatically provide the supplies and materials unless they are specifically requested by the supervisor. The Event Assistant supports the supervisor.


Division B Division C
B - Anatomy & Physiology C - Anatomy & Physiology
B - Bottle Rockets C - Astronomy
B - Dynamic Planet C - Chemistry Lab
B - Fast Facts C - Dynamic Planet
B - Food Science C - Electric Vehicle
B - Hovercraft C - Helicopters
B - Invasive Species C - Hovercraft
B - Microbe Mission C - Invasive Species
B - Reach for the Stars C - Material Science
B - Rocks and Minerals C - Microbe Mission
B - Scrambler C - Robot Arm
B - Towers C - Rocks and Minerals
B - Wind Power C - Towers
B - Wright Stuff C - Wind Power
B - Write It Do It C - Write It Do It







West Regional at Hillsborough Community College, Brandon


Hillsborough Community College

Brandon Campus

10414 E. Columbus Dr.

Tampa, FL 33619-7850

Regional Director: Scott Behrens

Date: February 4, 2017

Coach's Seminar Date:

Register for Workshop


B and C Schedule


Sponsored by

Central Regional at Lake Nona High School, Orlando



Lake Nona High School - Note the location change

12500 Narcoossee Road

Orlando, FL 32832

Regional Director: Valerie Ledford
Date:  Jan. 14, 2017



Coach's Seminar Date: Saturday Oct. 15 at 8 am - 12pm - Lake Nona High School



Tournament Schedule - Div B and C -2017




Eastern Regional at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona, FL


Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

600 South Clyde Morris Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114-3900
Regional Director: Dr. Dan Maronde and Dr. Giorgio Turri
Date: January 21, 2017


Coach's Seminar Date:

For information regarding coaching, please contact Brian Innes at


North Regional at Florida Gateway College, Lake City


Florida Gateway College

149 SE College Place

Lake City, FL 32025

Regional Director: Linda Wells

Date: February 4, 2017

Introductory Workshop. Will cover how to structure teams: Oct. 8, 10am - 2pm, includes lunch.


Competition Schedule

Northwest Regional at University of West Florida, Pensacola


University of West Florida
11000 University Pkwy.
Pensacola, Florida 32514
Regional Director: 

Date:  February 18, 2017

Coach's Seminar Date: Nov 18 at 4 PM on the UWF main campus (4/433)


Register for Seminar


Regional Website

Regional Schedule: Div. B | Div. C


B Scoring Spreadsheet

C Scoring Spreadsheet

Event Spreadsheets (National Website - navigate to the event page)


Seminole Science Charter School - Division B

3580 N. U.S. Highway 92, Lake Mary, FL 32746

Director: Katherine Martin

Date: November 5, 2016 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cost: $150 per team

Teams are up to 15 and must adminstrate at least one event.

Register by contacting Katherine Martin at the email above.



Lake Nona High School - Division C

12500 Narcoossee Road

Orlando, FL 32832

Regional Director: Valerie Ledford
Date: Saturday December 3, 2016

Cost: $150 per team





Event: Orlando Science School Invitational
Location: Orlando Science Middle & High School 2427 Lynx Lane Orlando, Florida 32804
Open to: Any Division B Teams (intended for state bound teams)
Date: Saturday, February 25th  2017
Schedule: Based on Florida state competition schedule. It will be finalized and published as soon as possible.
Fee: $150 for one team and $250 for two teams. (Two teams limit for each school)
Discount: $100 for each event supervised up to 2 events. Events will be assigned on first come first serve basis. We really want each school to run at least one event.
Contact:  Zafer Demir